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    Whilst adoption is rewarding, it can also be stressful at times – it’s no walk in the park. That’s why it’s important we provide adopters with experienced and dedicated members of staff who can guide and support them throughout the adoption process.

    Experience brings a greater understanding of the different emotions felt by the adopters at different stages, and the support they require to help them through this sensitive period.

    We work in the best interests of children, young people and their families to ensure we make a positive difference in their lives – and yours too! We take pride in our matching process making sure we get it right for you and the child.

  • Ultimately, adoption is a lifelong decision and affects everyone involved. We recognise that adoptive families may require support at different times so we pride ourselves on providing a range of high quality pre and post adoption support services and advice.

    We will work with you to help:

    • with the decision about becoming an adoptive parent;
    • with the training to prepare for adoptive parenthood;
    • identify the right child/children for you;
    • you to learn about and understand your child during the introductory period;
    • as you settle down and learn to live together as a family;
    • at any time after the placement and the formal adoption, when you may need advice or assistance.
  • Western Bay offers an extensive package of support to our adoptive families including:

    • tailored training courses specific to the needs of the adopter and the adopted child;
    • adoption allowances in some cases;
    • post-adoption training and support groups;
    • social activities for adopters and adopted children;
    • buddying up with other adoptive parents;
    • signposting and support in accessing relevant services;
    • direct work with children and families;
    • life book for the adoptive child and adoptive family;
    • lifelong support from the Western Bay Team.

    You can change a child’s future. By giving a child a secure and loving home for life, you will make a real difference. There will be challenging times, but plenty of rewarding times too.

  • Please read though our detailed Information Pack.  At the back is a Registration of Interest form (ROI).  If you wish to be contacted by us and have a visit to begin the process, please fill in the ROI and send it to us or make a call to us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry page giving your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Interested in adoption? We'd love to hear from you!