• Can I adopt?

     All kinds of people adopt. What matters most is your ability to look after a child and provide a safe and stable home throughout their childhood and beyond.

    Surprisingly, myths still exist around who can and can’t adopt. However, in reality there are very few restrictions to adopting. In fact, it’s easier to list what would automatically exclude you.

    Age – you must be aged over 21

    Location – you must live in the UK

    Relationship Status – you need to have been in your current relationship for a minimum of 2 years

    Criminal record – you or any other member in your household must not have any cautions or convictions against children

    That’s it! Whilst there are many other factors that will come into consideration, none of them will automatically prevent you from adopting.

    We are currently keen to hear from prospective adopters who are interested in adopting slightly older children, those with additional needs and sibling groups.

  • What does it take to be an adoptive parent?

    The qualities needed to be an adoptive parent are the same as any other parent. You just need confidence that you have what it takes.

    Basically, you will need to give your adopted child love, stability and the security of family life – something they might not have experienced before.

    You will need to be able to support a child financially, though you don’t have to have lots of money or even be a homeowner. You can apply for tax credits and benefits to complement your income and other financial help may also be available.

    When you first adopt, one partner will be expected to take time off work for between six and 12 months to help the child settle in. Statutory adoption leave and pay is available to assist with this.

    Many children who are waiting to be adopted will have had a difficult start in life so they will require a lot of support to help them overcome their unsettled lives. The key aim is to bring predictability, stability and love to their lives.

    Adoption is a lifelong commitment requiring skill, empathy, energy, patience – and a sense of humour! But you will ultimately be transforming a child’s life forever by becoming part of a happy and fulfilled family.

    If you believe you have space in your home and heart, there is a good chance you could adopt.

  • Please read though our detailed Information Pack.  At the back is a Registration of Interest form (ROI).  If you wish to be contacted by us and have a visit to begin the process, please fill in the ROI and send it to us or make a call to us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry page giving your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Let's bust somemyths about adoption!

  • There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding adoption so here, we aim to bust these myths open!

    Adopters often want to know if they can adopt a baby.  The simple answer is yes.  We have a need for adopters for a wide age range of children from babies right up to children of 8 years old.  We treat each enquiry on an individual basis so do contact us for an informal chat with one of our experienced social workers

    Prospective adopters often think the process is a long and drawn out which is not the case.  Our average time is 8.2 months from enquiry to approval. Therefore, the assessment time is much less than this, around 4- 5 months in total.

  • Don't Believe Us?

    Listen To Our Approved Adopters
  • “The process has been fantastic for us.  It has been very straight forward and everyone involved has been very helpful and supportive.”

    “When things got tough with our 7 year old, our social worker provided all of us with amazing support and advice and remained supporting us all until we were happy.  Knowing we can contact the team for advice and support if necessary is so reassuring.”

  • “We have adopted a child who was 5 ½ when initially placed with us.  The rewards we have had adopting an older child certainly out weight the difficulties.
    Your child is more independent;
    You know what you are getting. Most people have this idea that adopting a baby preferably under the age of two is best. While this would have been lovely. We wanted a child with a more certain development prospect;
    While we expected some development delay we got a walking talking little one who is likely to go on to have an independent life;
    Your child may find it easier to understand why they have been placed with you and be able to verbalise their anxiety;
    You’re giving an older child the chance to have normal family home;”

  • Interested in adoption? We'd love to hear from you!