New beginnings

Ricky* and Jade* new adopters from Swansea, have been at home for two weeks now with their toddler Pria.  As I try to get started writing my notes, Pria keeps trying to steal my pen (she clearly likes our effective branding?!)

“They’ve been invaluable really” says Ricky when I first bring up the role of the foster carers during their adoption.

“I think it’s fair to say” Jade added, “that adoption might look a lot different if it wasn’t for fostering”

Wanting to dig a little deeper, to know what the foster carers are really like I proceeded to ask what type of person it takes to do a job like this.

“You could just tell that this wasn’t a job for Glenda, there was a deep love there, this wasn’t just some process or a vocation or job” said Jade correcting me without skipping a beat.

Expert advice and experience

“There were some mixed emotions during the introductions” added Ricky,

“Here is this other person looking after your child. I was all over the place. It was exhausting, I wasn’t really eating properly and all I could think about was getting her home”

“But these introductions were so important” he continued, “we found out about her habits, how she likes to play, we had so many questions and Glenda and Pete had answers for them all”

“She is always on the end of a phone” added Jade, “some of the things we have had to ask my seem meaningless but added up they are really important in aiding that smooth transition and settling in”

“Little things like what is the best washing powder to use to help with familiarity, and when Pria is having a tantrum and wont sleep, should we bring her down stairs or comfort her in her cot?”

“That experience is key” concluded Ricky, “they are experts”.

Mutual understanding

The couple chose to adopt through Western Bay after a friend had successfully been through the process and recommended us.

“We did enquire through another agency as well” added Jade “but Western Bay got back the soonest”

“What was helpful too was that our social worker in the beginning had experience of adopting her own children, she had been through the same process as us” said Ricky

Pria now has her little pink and orange kitchen out in the middle of the room and is making pizzas for us all.

“The speed she is developing and progressing is startling” comments Jade.

Two weeks into the adoption placement they appear relaxed, rested and content.

“It’s made all the difference after what has been quite a stressful at times process, having those routines set, consistent bed times – we’ve been able to hit the ground running”


Neath and Port Talbot Fostering Service

Foster Swansea

Bridgend Fostering Service

*Names have been changed to protect identities



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