• someone affected by adoption

  • Are you someone who has been affected by adoption?

    At Western Bay Adoption support and community are key to everything we do. Our support extends from our adoptive families to children and young people who’ve been adopted, older adoptees to birth families and people who’ve been affected by adoption. Here you will find information on our specialist, friendly teams who on are on hand to help you in any that they can.

  • Our Birth Parent Support Team provide specialist support services to parents of children who’ve been affected by adoption. We recognise that adoption can be a painful and traumatic experience for all involved that’s why here to support and help in any way we can.

    We are running small support groups across the Western Bay service area which will be informal and confidential. We can provide support with LetterBox and we’re offering drop-in sessions if you need help to write a letter – or just need a chat.

    We will also be reaching out to birth parents in the first year of adoption to check in and to see if there is any support needed.

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  • Adoption Letterbox Service

  • The WBAS Letterbox Team are on hand to help you with a confidential and secure way of exchanging personal information between birth and adoptive families.

    We offer:

    • Opening and checking of correspondence to identify support needs and ensure confidentiality;
    • Support in writing letters;
    • Mediation with all parties to ensure that what is agreed meets the child’s needs;
    • Reviews of mailbox agreements.

    Here some more handy information for you:

  • Adopted Adult?

    If you live within the Western Bay region and want to access your birth records, we can offer:

    • Support from an experienced adoption worker who will help you locate your birth records and share these with you – though you will need to be 18 to do this. We will also support you in understanding why you were adopted and discuss your feelings about this;
    • Information about the adoption contact register. This puts adopted adults and their birth relatives (if registered), in touch with one another;
    • Signposting to agencies who can help you trace birth relatives;
    • An intermediary service – if you locate a birth relative we will make the initial contact on your behalf and support you through the process of reunion.