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  • The Adoption Process

    From the moment you first consider adopting you have already begun the adoption process and discovering whether it is definitely right for you.


    Want help locating your birth records or other adoption related information? Get in touch with our team and we’ll be in touch to assist you.

  • Adoption Support

    We offer a range of adoption support services to potential adopters, adopters, adopted children, and adults who were adopted as children.

    Our Children

    Guides to adoption and adoption support for children as well as books and activities for children to enjoy.

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    • We understand adoption is an important decision to make and we are here to help you become an adopter and complete your family – every step of the way.

      • Ongoing Support

        From considering adoption to providing ongoing support for your family, we’ll be there along all stages to help you.

      • Adoption Events

        We use a confidential login system to provide approved adopters with access to events hosted by us or our partner agencies.

      • Adopted Children

        Western Bay Adoption Service have placed 454 children since the service formed in April 2015.

      • Approved Adopters

        Western Bay Adoption Service have approved 284 adopters since the service was formed in April 2015.

      • Active Letterbox Cases

        We currently have over 900 active letter box cases, which is excellent news for children.

      • Approval Time

        The average time taken last year for adopters to progress from enquiry to agency decision to adopt was 6 months.

    • There are many reasons why you may decide to adopt. Here at Western Bay we know whatever the reason, yours will be personal to you.

      It may be that you have a desire to be a parent but fertility issues mean that you cannot have a birth child. Or you may be gay and adoption feels the perfect way to build your family. You may already have a family but still have space for another child.

      Whatever your reason, adoption is a way of providing a permanent family for children – and it’s extremely rewarding. Adoption is for life so it’s a big decision to make for anyone. It doesn’t just change the child’s life for the better; it alters your life too – in every way!

      • 1. Enquiry

        Once you have read the information contained in our information pack. Complete the Enquiry Form at the back and send it back to us. Alternatively just get in touch using the details on our Contact Page.

      • 2.Initial Home Visit

        Following your first enquiry to us you will be allocated a social worker who will contact you to arrange to meet (either online virtually, or in a way that works for you – depending on the coronavirus restrictions that may be in place.)

      • 3. Information Events

        Here you will learn about the process and the children waiting.

      • 4. Registration of Interest Form

        This is a formal application with your consent to undertake the necessary references and checks of all adults living in your household.

      • 5. Stage One

        This stage of the process usually takes around 2 months to complete. At this point we will agree your plan and begin to obtain references.

      • 6. Preparing to Adopt Training

        It is during stage one that you will be asked to start your preparation work. This includes your own reading and attending our training course. You will also make connections with adopters and create your own workbook.

      • 7. Stage Two - The Assessment

        It is during this stage that you will meet regularly with your social worker who will need to get to know you, gather further information about you as well as to support you in any further training or preparation.

      • 8. Adoption Panel

        The adoption panel recommends whether your application should be approved or declined. Your social worker will have spent time talking to you about panel and what to expect and will be there to support you throughout.

      • 9. Finding a Family

        Once you have been approved to adopt your social worker will start working with our Family Finding Adoption Team to identify children whose needs you could meet.

      • 10. Matching

        Following approval there will likely be a wait whilst your social worker explores any potential matches. Once a match has been identified for you, your social worker will meet with you to share information about the child/ren,

      • 11. Post Placement

        During this time, your child/ren and yourselves will be visited and supported by your Social Worker and the child’s Social Worker.

      • 12. Post Adoption Support

        Our Post Adoption Team are all skilled at supporting families and children who are experiencing difficulties or need guidance and advice. We recognise this is likely and completely normal too!

      Please read though our detailed Information Pack.  At the back is an Enquiry Form.  If you wish to be contacted by us and have a visit to begin the process, please fill in the Enquiry Form and send it to us or make a call to us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry page giving your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

      • Both social workers were readily available from the start and our support social worker Claire who came on board after a while…well, she’s been pretty fundamental to us surviving really.