“She’s the one that needed us…although I think we needed her as well” says Jess Officer Worker and Adopter in the opening of the new video below from the National Adoption Service.

At the risk of cliche, adoption is a journey, a journey that both the parent and the child embarks on – there can and will of course be bumps, twists and surprises along this road. But, this is life, we are human beings, this is what we do.

On the busy, non-stop hamster wheel of this life we can often feel like something is missing, according to Jess that something came in the shape of her daughter.

Making the first step and filling out the enquiry form can take a fair bit of courage, we understand that. We also understand that the first meet up with a social worker can sometimes seem a bit daunting. But, we are here for you.

Stuffy grey suit types we are most definitely not however. Making you feel comfortable and at ease is one of our specialities. From the start, that initial visit, we aim to be transparent, realistic and importantly, down to earth.

We understand this is huge, this chapter you may be about to write could be the game changer.

We aim to approve in 6 – 7 months, but everyone’s case is unique – the right match may then take a little longer or it could be rapid as in Jess’s case below.

There could be delays along the way, you could become frustrated that things are not progressing as quickly as you like.

Be patient. We will get there together. Everything has to be right for you and us.

In the meantime we will be in regular contact and you can speak to us as much as you like, we are here for you during every step.

Once you have been successfully matched and set sail the training and support available is comprehensive. There could be rocks, there could be wobbles. You will not be left alone to drift. And it will be so worth it.  #YouCanAdopt

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“I thought we had to be these super parents..that’s not the standard at all”Adoption Barometer 2020