• From the moment you first consider adopting you have already begun the adoption process and discovering whether it is definitely right for you.

    We know that choosing to adopt is a not a decision that can be rushed or taken lightly. It’s one of the most life changing choices you can make – for you and the child.

    After reading through our *information pack we advise potential adopters to attend our free online *information events as soon as possible – ensuring you are armed with as much knowledge as possible early in the process.

  • There is a lot of information out there and can be difficult to know where to start. Hearing first hand stories from being who’ve been there and done it can often be a great help.

    If you’ve undertaken our Adoption Checker Tool, you’ll know whether or not you are eligible to adopt, then it’s all about information gathering and choosing the right agency for you.

    Whilst adoption is rewarding, it can also be stressful at times – it’s no walk in the park. That’s why it’s important we provide adopters with experienced and dedicated members of staff who can guide and support them throughout the adoption process.

  • Experience brings a greater understanding of the different emotions felt by the adopters at different stages, and the support they require to help them through this sensitive period.

    Community and support is a huge part of the Western Bay way. From the start of the process our Buddy Scheme offers you the chance to have support from experienced adopters who’ve been through all the emotions that are going through now.

    As you progress through the stages of the process you will also have support groups and further packages such as our in-house training videos available to help.

  • We work in the best interests of children, young people and their families to ensure we make a positive difference in their lives – and yours too!  We take pride in our matching process making sure we get it right for you and the child.

    Ultimately, adoption is a lifelong decision and affects everyone involved. We recognise that adoptive families may require support at different times so we pride ourselves on providing a range of high quality pre and post adoption support services and advice.

  • We will work with you to help:

    • with the decision about becoming an adoptive parent;
    • with the training to prepare for adoptive parenthood;
    • identify the right child/children for you;
    • you to learn about and understand your child during the introductory period;
    • as you settle down and learn to live together as a family;
    • at any time after the placement and the formal adoption, when you may need advice or assistance.
  • So download and read our information pack, watch the experiences of WBAS adopters and listen to the true stories of adopters across Wales – also check out some of the other great online resources available. Attend one of our *information events.

    Once you have attended one of our free information events (currently virtual) you’ll be sent an Enquiry Form. Simply fill this in and return to us when you are ready to proceed and we can then arrange your initial home visit – exciting times!

    During your initial home visit we will ask you some detailed questions regarding your motivations to adopt, your personal history, health and lifestyle.

    If you decide to proceed further and we are able to invite you forward we will ask you to complete a Registration of Interest (ROI) Form.

    If for some reason we are unable to proceed with your registration we will work with you to discuss steps needed if possible to overcome this.  You are also perfectly within your rights to try other adoption agencies in Wales, but you can only have one formal registration being assessed at a time.

  • Useful Websites

    Here are some great websites to get you started
  • The National Adoption Service was created to improve services for all those affected by adoption in Wales. The website features resources and campaigns which might be of use.


  • CoramBAAF have a great selection of books and publications,


  • Adoption UK

    Adoption UK, a membership organisation for adopters run by adopters, also has a range of resources for people at all stages of their adoption journey.


  • Home for Good are a faith-based organisation providing adoption and fostering support.


  • New Family Social (NFS) provides LGBTQ+ people with adoption and fostering support. We offer free membership to NFS as part of our agency package.