• This stage of the process involves an assessment of your suitability to adopt and takes around 4 months. This is an opportunity for you to learn a lot more about adoption and to develop your understanding of the needs of children who may be placed with you. Your social worker will signpost you to any support groups we may be running which may be of interest to you or suggest some online training courses you can take – many of which are free.

    It will be an expectation of the service that you complete our rolling programme of training that will enhance your understanding of adoptive parenting and the needs of adopted children.

    We have created a suite of in-house training videos featuring adopters which are also available to you at this time. Subjects include important issues such as dealing with post-adoption depression, contact and skills such as therapeutic parenting.

    This part of the adoption process has two aims – to confirm that you are the right person to adopt, and to give you the skills you need to be an adoptive parent.


    Your social worker will complete your Prospective Adopters Report (PAR) and will also make contact with your referees during this stage. You’ll be presented with your PAR at the end of this process and the recommendations made to our Adoption Panel about your suitability to adopt.

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  • Adoption Panel

  • The adoption panel recommends whether your application should be approved or declined. The panel is made up of professionals, including social workers and medical and educational professionals as well as adoptive parents and/or adopted people. There is also a chairperson, a minute taker and a panel advisor. You are invited to attend with your social worker. The panel will have read your Prospective Adopters Report and may have some questions to ask you and your social worker on the day. Your social worker will have spent time talking to you about panel and what to expect and will be there to support you throughout.

    If the panel recommends your approval as an adopter the final decision will be made shortly after by the Agency Decision Maker. You will then receive a letter confirming your approval as adopter(s)!