Our Let’s Talk Adoption series of talks and content continued on World Book Day 2 March with a face to face event this time!

We were thrilled to be joined this time by beloved adoption author Rosemary Lucas. Some of Rosemary’s most popular titles include ‘The Family Fairies’ and ‘The Family Puzzle’.  Rosemary is the very proud mother of two wonderful adopted children. They are not birth siblings and were adopted separately, but as Rosemary says on her website, “they are brother and sister in every possible way.”

Rosemary delivered an engaging and heartfelt talk that had the room captivated from the start. Continuing on from Holly Marlow’s virtual talk earlier in the year our Let’s Talk Adoption Series has certainly got off to a strong start – with lots more to come! Keep your eyes our social media for updates.

Reflecting on the talk Rosemary said, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the WBAS community chatting about our experiences as an adoptive family. The warmth and encouragement from those attending made me feel so welcome.

Reflecting on how far we’ve come brought with it lovely reminders of some special moments. Thinking of how we approach challenges highlights how important it is to be surrounded by key people to guide you through the maze that is adoption.

It’s wonderful to hear of all the support the agency are offering and I hope hearing first hand from someone who’s been through the process helped.  I look forward to meeting with everyone again soon!”

We had a great turnout for the event which included adopters with children and those currently going through the process. There was plenty for all to think about with some of the key take homes being:

  • Be open to contact indirect or direct – Rosemary says she would have loved the opportunity to meet birth parents
  • Encourage relationships with key people post placement
  • Make notes/keep a journal of everything you can, the small details matter
  • Go at your/your child’s own pace with life story – they don’t need to know everything all at once, and they will openly tell anyone and everyone everything they know!
  • Choose how open you want to be with new people you meet – only do what you feel comfortable with
  • It’s their story to protect – I go on the basis I only tell/share things that they know themselves
  • Ask for help and support and build strong networks – surround yourself with similar people but also those to let off steam with
  • Prepare yourself for new situations, think about answers to questions you might get asked
  • As your children get older let them own/lead their story – having friends at school who know they are adopted and understand is hugely importantly

You can watch our recording of the main part of the talk here:

Bec who attended the event said, “Rosemary’s talk was so timely for me as a newly matched adopter, waiting transitions. Rosemary talked about her experiences of situation where personal questions maybe asked. It was something I was thinking and wondering how myself I would manage.  Rosemary talked about ‘owning the story’ and made me feel empowered for possible future situations. Rosemary’s Books are stunning and in a beautiful way educate not only children but adults as-well. I can’t wait to read them to my new little one.”

Whilst Hannah who also attended said, “Rosemary’s talk was very engaging. She gave us an interesting perspective of what it was like to adopt children who were not biologically related. Rosemary discussed the joys of parenting two adoptive children and the challenges it brought with having children with different traumas and life stories. Rosemary introduced the children books she had written to help children understand the adoption journey.

We personally chatted at the end and Rosemary personally signed two of the books I bought from her. She wrote a sweet note in each book and wished me well on my adoption journey of adopting siblings. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed attending and would recommend the talk and books to anyone who is going on their adoption journey.”

You can learn a lot more about Rosemary on her website here.

You can purchases Rosemary’s books on Amazon here.

Rosemary is also just as engaging on social media as she is in real life and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.


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