Western Bay is built entirely on its staff, children and of course its adopters. You are everything that we stand for and support. We are so proud of who you are, what you are doing and what you’ve become.  We are also proud that we’ve played our part in the process.

We’ve spent the last few weeks having a series of personal and intimate talks with our adopters,  detailing the entire adoption process from taking the first steps up to post placement.  We can’t thank our amazing adopters enough for giving such honest and open accounts of adoption.
Whatever stage of the decision making process you are currently at – we hope these videos and the National Adoption Service podcast, help to cast light on any doubts you may currently have, whilst also filling in any gaps in your adoption knowledge.  Keep an eye on our social media for our latest content like this!
Episode 1 – Taking the first steps (released 30/10/20)
In our first video of the series our adopters opened up in a heartfelt way about that often doubt filled foray into making the first adoption enquiry.  Some important topics are touched on here such as the common misconceptions people have about adoption,  and the barriers that people perceive –  believing that they can not adopt. Also the guys talk about what was making them nervous about getting in touch with Western Bay, and of course – what was making them excited!


Episode 2 – The assessment process (released 10/11/20)
Here’s the second video in the series which is all about the assessment process – touching on topics such as that nervy first meeting with your social worker, the introduction to adoption 4 day training and the home research/training that each adopter undertakes.
Episode 3 – Lead up to and going to adoption panel (released 20/11/20)
Here’s our third video in the series where our adopters discuss the build up to and experience of the adoption approval panel. Some were understandably apprehensive, others were less anxious – of course different people will have different emotions in the run up to something which is so important, but ultimately all about you. The range of emotions are explored here.
Episode 4 – Waiting for a match (released 27/11/20)
Here is the fourth video in the series and this is the moment our adopters have been waiting for –  finally matched with their child!
Episode 5 – Introductions and meeting your child (released 04/12/20)
In episode 4 we saw our adopters finally matched with their child, here we progress to the exciting introductions and first meetings. Learn all about the benefits of smooth transitions from foster carers and the importance of creating familiarity early on.  Exciting stuff!
Episode 6  – Post placement and beyond (released 18/12/20)
Here is the final video of the series.  Expect some tears as our adopters talk about the heady first days of adoption and beyond!


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