• We know how important it is for children who have been removed from their family to have stability as soon as possible, to experience safety and predictability with sensitive adults who help them recover.  Often these children have to move multiple times whilst decisions are being made in the court about their future and this is hugely traumatic for them and adds to the distress and loss they have already experienced.

    Welsh Early Permanence helps a child or children who have been removed from their family to achieve this stability as soon as possible and reduces the number of moves the child experiences. 

    It means that children are placed with Welsh Early Permanence carers, who are dually approved as both adopters and foster carers from as early a point as possible and before the plan for adoption has been confirmed by the court. If the court agrees a plan for adoption for the child, there will be a seamless transition without the child having to move from carers with whom they have formed a bond.

    It is VITAL to note that when the child/baby is placed with you, that you are their foster carer and not adoptive parent of the little one.  For example you would be unable to use the name ‘mum/dad’ and your wider family would not be ‘grandparents/aunts/uncles’.  Your role is the foster carer, promoting contact with the child’s birth parents and working to the child’s plan that the local authority devises.

    In a small number of cases, the court will make the decision that it is right for the child to return to parents or wider family members. This means that people who want to consider Welsh Early Permanence will have to manage some uncertainty whilst the courts make their decision, and we know that this won’t be right for everyone. 

    If you feel that you could manage this type of uncertainty so that these children don’t have to, and want to know more about Welsh Early Permanence, there’s lots more information available and people who would be happy to speak to you about it.