If you and your family have recently attended and had fun at one of the many Western Bay events during 2021 then you may have met our Donna and Josie.

Bright smiles and bundles of energy – the dynamic duo’s new roles consist of supporting children and young people who have been adopted.

“I’m there even if someone just wants someone to talk to,” says Donna.

“I also co-facilitate the Connected Group with Adoption UK, which is for adopted children over 7.

“I will also be running groups for young people on Brain Development, Self-Esteem, Healthy Relationships, Social Media and more.

“I will also run sessions for parents in young brain and teen brain development”

Phew…Anything else to add?!

“I am happy to look at other topics as and when needed!” says Donna.

“I will mostly be supporting children and young people on a 1-1 basis, being there as someone to talk to,” adds Josie.

“I will also be supporting Donna in organizing and attending the fun events for families throughout the year.

“To be honest, I’m really looking forward to getting out and spending some more time with children and young people.

“I’d like to hear about their experiences and see what support I can offer.” smiles Josie.

As part of these roles they will be organizing events throughout the year for families, which will cater for a range of ages. Western Bay have just had a very successful ‘Summer of Fun’ with a variety of activities from Paddle Boarding to Gymnastics, Bush Craft to ‘Moo Music’ and more!

One of our adopters Sam said:

“A huge thank you for all the fabulous events that Western Bay has organised over the summer and half term. We’ve attended loads and had a fabulous time and our youngest has started to form a friendship with one of the other girls attending events, which has been lovely to see.”

Whilst our adopter Amy said:

“I hadn’t realised how powerful it would be for me and (child) to be part of a play session with other children who are adopted – despite being little she is making sense of it and was excited to go somewhere with other adoptive families.  It was also personally great just to be in a room with other people who ‘get it’.”

High praise indeed so keep your eyes peeled for event updates via email on our Padlet links, our new upcoming adopter’s private Facebook group and forum on our website.

Feedback and input from our adopters at Western Bay is of course very important to us with Donna keen to hear your ideas for fun events, extra groups for young people – and how to work with young people to improve the service.

So lots of the good stuff to look back on over the year and plenty also coming up to look forward to such as our ‘After School Club Taster’ which starts on week commence 15 November for ages 7 –  19;  and a ‘Parent and Toddler Session’ which is currently in development.

Make sure also you check out our new children’s and young people’s web page when it goes live soon. If you want to be involved in the creation of the new page or even help us to manage it, or our new children and young people’s Facebook group – then please reach out to us.

Donna and Josie also encourage any young people to get in touch via the Connected Group if they are interested in getting involved in that.

So busy bees indeed, what do the girls get up in their down time, if they have much that is?!

“Ah the usual,” says Josie “cooking, dog walking and if the weather is right surfing!”

“Well I learnt to use a Cricut and sew during lockdown so much of my time involves crafting when not escaping in motorhome!” says Donna.

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